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SERP Wolf offers comprehensive SEO and Content services for your business, including content audits, SEO content writing, content strategy and content calendar creation.

Why SEO Friendly Content is Crucial for Small Businesses?

To gain more visibility and succeed online, you need to rank high on search engine results. 75% of all people don’t even scroll past the first page of search results.

Your SEO content marketing strategy should be based upon the needs of your business, the customer’s journey of your target audience and competitive analysis in your niche.​

As a small business owner, you need to attract the right customers to increase your conversions and maximize profits.

Your content plays a key role in allowing search engines to understand what it is that you do and what it is that you have to offer. Furthermore, the quality of content present on your site also allows the search engines to rank your website on search engine results; based upon its relevance and usefulness.

How We Create SEO Friendly Content?

SEO content writing allows small businesses and startups to gain visibility in the eyes of their potential customers by helping them rank high on search engine results. We focus on the right keywords and user intent and the creation of a content plan for each business. This way, your blog posts, and website copy can translate to higher organic traffic and more revenue.

Each blog post, newsletter or website copy, written by our team of SEO writers includes:

SEO Optimized Title Tags SEO Optimized URL Suggestions SEO Optimized H1-H2 Suggestions Keywords Research Inbound Links Usage (when applicable) Outbound Links Usage

What Types of Content We Offer

Your content plays a key role in allowing search engines to understand what it is that you do and what it is that you have to offer. SERP Wolf offers various types of SEO optimized content, written by professional and vetted content creators.

SEO Blog Posts: SEO optimized blog post in your niche, using keyword research and competitive analysis.

Website Copy: SEO optimized website copy in your niche, including keyword usage, CTA’s, product features, specifications, and branded messages.

Newsletters: SEO optimized newsletters in your niche, using keyword research and competitive analysis.

Content Strategy Planning

Content is a very important part of SEO. In fact, high-quality content and effective link building techniques are the two things Google relies on the most to rank your website.

SERP Wolf offers comprehensive content strategy planning for you business, including the following services:

Keyword Research & Topic Ideation Content Competitive Analysis Creation of Content Calendar

Content Audit

In addition to content writing services, we offer content audit reviews the evaluate the quality and SEO-friendliness of the content present on your site. The content audits include an in depth analysis of these services:

  • Content Evaluation by Types
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Blog Content Evaluation
  • Thin Content Check
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Content Hierarchy Check

Our Featured Writers

Chantell is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Finance and Travel Writer, and MBA graduate specializing in entrepreneurial management. She has worked with 60+ international brands, tourism boards, and small businesses. She has been featured on Yahoo Finance, MSN, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and many more.

Charlotte is a content writer and journalist specializing in women’s interests, lifestyle, and health-centric topics. Her work has been featured in leading outlets including Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, Brides Magazine, and Cosmopolitan. Professionally, she holds an MA in Creative Writing and a BA in Journalism.

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