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Complicated jargon and unfamiliar processes can all sound very scary. Ensuring that our clients remain fully informed of our processes and are confident when working with us, we’ve put together a list of most frequently asked questions.

How do I know that SERP Wolf - SEO and Content Services is the right consulting agency for me? SERP Wolf is focused on helping small businesses, that are not very familiar with search engine optimization and content marketing, to rank better in Google. We believe that SEO should not be complicated or intimidating to non-marketing people. Our holistic approach to SEO and content marketing is to make a good website better.

I am interested in your SEO and content services. What should I do next? That’s great. Feel free to contact us and schedule a free SEO and content consultation. We will assess your website, understand your goals and needs and will determine a personalized action plan that will fit your budget.

What happens after the initial SEO consultation? SERP Wolf will give you realistic estimates of improvement, and an estimate of the work involved. After we are in agreement on the work scope and terms, we will start working on a comprehensive SEO and content audits, which will include detailed explanations and steps to take to improve organic traffic to your website.

I am looking for an SEO content writer for my business. What services do you offer? SERP Wolf works with different SEO writers, that specialize in many areas. Before we agree to work together on an ongoing basis, we will need to perform a content audit for the website, and create an action plan – a content ideation document and a content calendar, that will fit your business. Then, we will do a keyword research and competitive analysis, to determine the best topics for your website or blog. Once all these steps are complete, we will assign a writer to create the best articles for your website.

Can you explain about the different SEO and content audits that you offer? SERP Wolf offers 3 kinds of SEO Audits, each is beneficial to the website. Technical audit focuses on improving the core of the website- finding errors that might prevent the site from being indexed by Google, for example. On-Page audit checks the optimization of the pages, the inclusion of keyword in the title, meta description, alt tags and the content. Off-Page audit is focused on link building efforts and competitive analysis. Lastly, a content audit is focused on checking the SEO components of all the content of the website, in addition to content gap analysis and competitive research.

What is needed from me as a client for an SEO Audit? You will have to give us a view-only access to your site on Search Console and Google Analytics. In addition, please grant us permission to use any marketing related tools that your company uses.

My website is struggling to rank in Google. Can you guarantee first page rankings? While Search Engine Optimization helps a lot of websites to rank better, there is no guarantee that your website will appear on first page. Why? SEO is an ever-changing field, where Google updates its algorithms, competitors invest more resources in their marketing initiatives etc. However, there is no doubt that optimizing your website can benefit your ranking and bring you more organic traffic and leads.

Can SERP Wolf Help With Local SEO? Absolutely! We’ve worked with dozens of local businesses to increase the flow of organic traffic to their site. From performing competitive analysis to auditing and reconfiguring your website to make it more local SEO-friendly to optimizing Geo Location, setting up Google My Business and managing your reputation online – we can do it all! Contact us to learn more about how we can help improve your local search ranking.

Can You Help My Business Make More Sales Online? YES! Our services are geared towards helping businesses like you make the most out of their online presence. Our team of SEO consultants and SEO content writers work with you to optimize your site for higher traffic and better conversion ratio. With an increased flow of organic traffic coming your way, you can experience drastic improvements in your sales online.

What Should My Content Marketing Strategy Look Like? There is no “one” cookie-cutter approach to building a highly effective content marketing strategy. Every business is unique and so are their goals and plans for growth. Your content marketing strategy should be based upon the needs of your business and the preferences of your target audience.

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