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Create a consistent brand identity and set yourself apart from the competition with a unique & custom branding kit and logo.

What is Included in a Branding Kit?


The logo of your brand encapsulates your brand story and values in a small icon. As an inherent part of your brand image, the logo leaves the first impression on your customers and distinguishes your brand from its competitors.

Since the logo defines your company, you need to create a quality logo design that serves as a visual reminder of your brand

Color Palette

Your brand’s color palette sets its tone and contributes to creating a strong brand perception.

You need to select the right colors for your business if you want to position your brand for long-term development and top-notch marketing.


Your brand's fonts and typography are just as essential in creating your visual identity as your logo and color palettes. This is why you cannot afford to ignore this important component of the brand kit.

Now, you can either go for customized fonts for a more multi-faceted brand image. Or you can select the standard fonts and specify them according to their uses.

Social Media Buttons

You can include social media buttons in your brand kit to support your marketing strategies. When your customers see the social media buttons on your promotional material, they know that our business is on those channels so that they can easily find you.

Other essential elements that are not found in every brand kit include letterheads, brochures, package designs, business cards, email templates, and a lot more. The decision about what to include in your brand’s style kit rests on you.

Create Your Own Unique Brand

Do you struggle with creating a consistent brand strategy for your company? Is it taking forever for your business to build credibility because it lacks a brand identity?

A brand kit is a comprehensive resource that centralizes your brand identity and brings all its various elements in one place. It includes all the essential visual elements such as your brand’s logo, color palettes, fonts, and your business's entire style guide.

You need more than a logo to fix the situation. A branding kit is a great way to maintain consistency across your brand’s promotional content and marketing campaigns.

Are you ready to brand your business but not sure where to start from? Don’t worry because we’ve got your back. You can find all the tools and designs in our branding kit. This is all you need to develop your color palette, fonts, watermark logo, and a comprehensive style guide.

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Logo and Branding Kit Costs

Logo and branding kits pricing starts from $399.

Email us at or fill out a contact form for a customized branding and design plan for your business.

Basic Pricing Includes

Brand identity pricing includes logo designs, social media buttons, brand messaging, color palette, graphic elements, fonts, and typography.

Premium Pricing Includes

Premium pricing plans include personalized assets like business cards, brochures, templates, and other promotional content.

When Can You Expect The Logo And Branding Kit?

A logo and branding kit has a turnaround time of seven to ten business days.


We had the pleasure of working with SERP Wolf to strengthen our brand and reputation with logo design and creating a branding-kit. It is apparent that Lana is an expert in her field. She is detail-oriented, easy to work with, and aims to please. We appreciated her quick response and ability to add creativity and ability to capture the values of our business into a logo and design.

Kalinda Burkart, Two Sisters Dahlias

SERP Wolf designed a logo and a full branding kit for our photography website and we love it. Lana took the time to understand our needs and brand identity during a brief consultation and came back swiftly with some samples to choose from before finalizing the assets. She got it all spot on and went the extra mile, providing a full variety of icons and color alternatives for our needs.

Elzbieta Furgalska, Slav Photography

SERP Wolf created a logo and brand guidelines for me. Lana is great to work with. Very good communication, quick replies, specific questions as for what I would like, and quick turnaround. As for the logo itself - I didn't have ideas for what I want and it still turned out great. I received four tweaks of the design plus three color schemes to choose from. I am very happy with the final products!

Izabela Wisniewska, Izzy Active

Create Branding Strategy

A strong and cohesive visual identity is highly recognizable among its customer base. It sets it on the path of more success.

It takes in-depth research to create a style guide for your brand that perfectly depicts your business’s values and gives your customers the right message.

Now, you might ask why a brand kit is crucial for enhancing your brand image.

This is because a brand kit serves as a visual representation of your brand’s personality. The tone and style determine the kind of feelings you aim to evoke in your customers whenever they interact with your brand.

A brand kit helps you create consistent marketing messages with every promotional content displaying the same design elements and style.

Moreover, it includes the style and visual elements that set you apart from your competitors and positions your brand as a trendsetter. With a professional identity, you can stand out for your customers and improve brand awareness to remain at the top of marketing among similar brands.

Consistent brand identity also breathes loyalty into your customers, helping them strike a connection between your company and your product.

Build Your Brand's Identity

Here’s what you need to build a credible brand identity for the long-term:

Know Your Audience

Determine your target audience and the type of potential customers you want to reach out to. If your brand identity does not resonate with your audience, it isn't constructive. Therefore, you need to create ideal personas representing your target audience segments to see what your audience wants or what motivates them.

Identify Your Competitors

A strong brand identity is all about making your business stand out from other competitors in front of the customers. With an in-depth understanding of your competitors and how they present themselves, you can improve your brand image and set yourself apart.

Define Your Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy defines your company's purpose, mission, brand story, tone, and personality. Therefore, you need a well-crafted brand strategy before you set out to create your brand identity.

Choose A Business Name

Brainstorm all the possible names that describe your brand story perfectly. Think of a name that evokes an emotional response or help you in building a visual playground.

Write A Slogan

Play around with words to spark new ideas for your brand’s slogan and tagline. It needs to align with your brand’s personality and helps with the visualization of your identity.

Create The Design Elements

As each element contributes to your brand identity's success, you need to be careful in designing the logo and selecting the right fonts and color palettes for your business.

All these elements need to be robust enough that they communicate your brand message correctly.

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